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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 11/1/16

Danielle to scott.. there's been so many weeks where my alliances had to fight harder than the other side of the house and we still ended u p losing someone.. and i jsut wanted to even the playing field and i wanted everyone to feel how we felt.. and everyone ignored me for 5 weeks and no one talked to me till i ws HOH and im happy that you said that i honored my end of the deal..and i would have upset america by getting whitney out..

scott yeah.. im very appreciative that you kept alex off.

danielle yeah i didnt wnt to put anyone in that position where their #2 was on the block.. and now i feel taht there is more of a fighting chance and if you go it's cuz oif america.. and i dont think alex will turn on yo.. and there is an even playing field with all 3 of you

danielle i didnt want to take down america's nom and then them be mad at me and i go back up next week..

scott i get it.

danielle yeah america will be like you dont give a crap about us so we wont give a crap about you

scott i appreciate that you kept your end of the deal and if i stay my deal with you with HOH remains the same.. and good.. but i think im going.. it's goijng to come down to whitney..

Scott it's a great move.. and it's out of the box and it might get you back in their good graces.. and i thin that you fought hard. and made creative decisions and great moves this week. i respect them 100%

Danielle my word is my word.. even if i didnt take yo off the block

scott that was a different deal and situation ok thanks danielle

scott shakes danielle shand and leaves

justin in yoga room runs off a bunch of shout outs
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