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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 11/1/16

morgan on damage control

morgan we jst need HOH

whitney i was scared taht scott was going to do something crazy to stay.. so you have to be worried

morgan im confident with you and alex to keep me. and the 4 of us have been strong.. and i think even if you were up and scott was up you'd have nothing to worry about

morgan i like scott but how many lives can he have..

whitney he was trying to tell shelby to let whoever not to vote..

morgan shelby isnt stupid.. she knows where her allegiance lies..

whitney so it will be 4-4.. and the care package.. and i feel we have a good chance of getting the care package if we dont get teh HOH.. and if we get HOH there is still a chance that we can get it

morgan i didnt want you to think that i was made at yo.

whitney i would feel so taken back if i was you

morgan it doenst matter which one of us was up. i was just so set on thinking she would take down scott

whitney i haven't talked to her after her taking me down except for thanking her.. but i did tell her that if she took me down,. i would vote out scott.
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