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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 5/8/16- Thursday 5/12/16 Finale

Mitch my vote is undecided.. was your relationship part of a strategy and you being manipulative or you were jsut friends

Kelsey there was no manipulation i conected with them on a personal level. i left the house for raul and cmapiagned for him to stay adn jared knows how much i wanted him in the game and i how ahard i fogught for him. i wsnt using him in any way

raul Hi baby girl i miss you so much.. by having me and jared in thed game outside of the aliance have you made any other allainces or used other strategy to be where you are now

kelsey i knew having you guys was good for my stability.. and i did make relations with cass and the brothers and mithc.. and isaid in teh pantry that you guys would be a pwerful group and to stick togetehr

maddy hello brothers. i miss you guys.. you guys have the biggest advantage of being in 2 places at once but yet you failed.. nick this is your queston

Nick despite that we were 2 people in the game we had to keep 2 stories strigth without the opportunity to bvounce our stories cuz when we talked we were looked at strategy

phil it wasnt a story it's us.. thats why it worked

jared im proud of you and how did your strategy change when raul and i left teh game

kelsey i won that HOH which was the 1st brick laid that got the both of us here. and it seems normal that we work together.. and there was a 3 person alliance that we had to break up

Niki hello boys how do you feel about evicting me and ruining my birthday what can you do to persuade me

Phil i do luv you nikki im so sorry..
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