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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 11/14/16

10:46am Shelby and Morgan in Yoga room

Morgan i jsut ahve to win veto.

shelby yeah maybe it's time for me to win a veto too

morgan i know my mom is freaking out.. Mom.. dont freak out!

Shelby yeah.. my mom is probably freaking out too.. like Shelby needs 1 friend in the house

morgan Dont let her suffer!

Justin in are you ok?

MOrgan yeah i was preparred for it

jsutin im goign do do the best i can.. i ws thinking about it. im not going to carry out the plan .. but i got somehting i want tio do

Shelby gets emotional

Justin it will be ok..

Morgan so anyone else we're good

Justin i shelby its good.. if i win it im taking her down.. im a man of my word

Shelby i cant loose her.. and be left here

justin it will be alright babe

Justin leaves

Shelby turned on the water works for him

Shelby and morgan smile after justin leaves
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