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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 2/18/18

marissa the 1st 3 to drop are on slop

marissa as long as omarosa doesnt win the allaince of brandi ross and ari and me will be fine

Omarosa nwo that shannon is gone i ahve to make sure that the target isnt me

mark the block sucks.. it's time for magic. i need a path to the final.. it's show time

james i dont trust anyone but the target is omarosa.. so if i dont ahve to win i wont so that will give me a chance to get hoh next week

ari we all decided to vote out shannon and on the way out of the yard brandi told me that it was her.. and now im feeling very sad and i dont know if i can trust her

brandi i avhe to win this so i can protect me and ari.. but the seats of uncomfortable.. and im a skinny white girl with no booty

james im hurting but i i need to ahng on a little longer
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