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Default Re: Aired Show Premiere Night #2 Thursday 2/8/18

Omarosa i haven't got a chance to properly congrats you

Shannon thank you

omarosa if we become friends you will see how loyal i am. maybe to a fault.. me being loyal to him i didnt know how that was going to be me being "his" friend

keshia me and omarosa couldn't be farthest apart from our political views

omarosa i was jsut getting my head bashed in over and over

keshia when you see what was going on

omarosa it's hard to see when you are in the bands of a hurricane..

Omarosa you haven't been attacked because of your relationship.. we held up Mr.Cosby and girl you see it.. and you see how similar those things are.. and im not going to sit and have you pass judgement on me. i want to move passed that in my life.
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