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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17

paul they all wanted raven out.. even though you said you wanted kevin out i was over trumped that he didnt vote

alex we jsut needed one more

paul they were set on that.. everyone dislikes kevin but no one is afraid of his game play

alex that's why im saying xmas is playing the game now cuz she wanted to sneak by

paul you think i can do it

alex yeah i think you will . i will vote for you and jason

paul he hates me right now..

alex he might tell me this was yoru plan all along and im stupid and i'll still vote for you

Paul i ahvent done any jury management.. but either have them,.., im going to talk to them.. and im sorry alex.. i let you down..

alex it's alrighgt

paul i met a legit friend

alex you got my vote but i might nt be able to see you right after

paul i genuinely think you are one of the coolest people

alex i have to go pee now

paul gets up to hug alex

alex NO HUGS..NO

paul denied a hug

alex goes to pee
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