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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17

xmas did we know that paul was going to have that convo with her

josh i dont know if he is saying that he talked to us and told her that

xmas he's not going to do the jury's thing.. but if he uses it i go up and out cuz im the strongest competitor.

josh im keeping it 100 with her

xms you ahve to

Alex did he throw it?

paul who?

Alex kevin. khe keeps saying he;'s color blind.. he told josh that too. i dont know.. i dont know if they and him have something.. when has kevin won anything.. when ahs josh won anything and xmas we threw the hoh to her and you threw the veto to josh

alex right we did that..

Alex i dont even care if i get 2nd place but loosing to these guys suck.
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