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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 5/3/18

maddy i told derek taht she thinks that he's taking her to f3 and i that kaela has been playing him and i said that she has a very convincing storty anad that if he doesnt cut her she will win. and that the only way he can win is if he cuts her

aprs me and kela have a similar game..

maddy she thinks she runs this house

paras i knew .. she had a degree.. she was using words that i use..

maddy dont let her get away with it. call her out on everything .. call her out on her degree

paras i will if derek wins the veto..

maddy he might know all that but i didnt ask him

maddy make sure they dont take each other.. seperate them.. if they spill a lot of their details before f2.. you can exploit those issues.. you have to repeat the points we went over last night..

maddy i think that is everything. she said so much..

paras i dont think ali/liv were that close

maddy she thinks they were.. ali and liv only cared about ali and liv

paras back to doing her hair
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