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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16

kryssie justin was saying that i should take him and be afraid of taking morgan cuz all her alliance members would be voting for her and all the votes would be split among us..

jason he was so wishy washy with me the whole time'

kryssie he told me that he didnt want anything to do with you at the end starting at week 5.. so i spent that time telling him.. i kept telling him that it was both of us to keep him.. but then after thanksgiving.. i blew up at him..

jason yeah i wanted him out

morgan.. i wonder how he is going to be .. like i can see him being like send me home

jason yeah people are like how dare you.. like youa re being here after we did for you.. like jeff from my season didnt want to be here for finale.. he was doing dsomething for finale he fleew in and flew right out..
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