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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 5/10/17

Demetres if its me and ika at the end it's going to be a toss up

karen its hard it happens alot emmett jillian neda jon

kare you never know more of the jury might want to see her walk thru the door and you are going to hav eto see what they say and make thier decisions. it wont be easy for them to set their bitterness aside.. and this is the game and people are not going to be happy.. and you dont live your life for those people

demetres it doesnt matter to me. i know i wouldnt be here if it wasnt for her

karen and visa versa.. it's a partnership.. and they are going to say whatever.. and it's a toss up. i dont ahve a clue what theya re going to do and i wont till i tlk to them and see what they ahve to say

karen when she said that bruno said jury management like that's a thing?

demetres yeah it is

karen wow.. i didnt know that..

karen i jsut realized that us 3 are in the final? us and her..
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