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Default Live Feed Updates Wednesday 5/10/17

Jackie evicted 4-1

Demetres won HOH - Big Brother Headlines

Demetres nominated Dre William and Kevin

Kevin Dre William Dillon Karen Ika POV players

Kevin won POV -Off the Blocks

Kevin used POV on himself

Demetres nominated Dillon as the replacement nominee

Dre William and Dillon are on the block and up for eviction

Kevin Ika and Karen voted to save Dillon

Dre and William evicted

Kevin won HOH- Drunken Speeches

Have Nots are done for the season by a task with Marsha the Moose with Karen

Kevin nominated Ika and Demetres to be on the block

Kevin won POV

Kevin used POV on Ika

Kevin named Dillon as the replacement nominee

Dillon and Demetres are on the block and up for eviction
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