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7/26/17 Jessica Graf HOH Blog

Hey Big Brother fans!

Iím touching a computer for the first time in over a month [and] Iím a little rusty, so try not to judge me too harshly! I love that I get a platform to talk to you guys while Iím still in the house playing the game. Very cool!

I want to start by thanking everyone again who took time out of their lives to vote for me for the final temptation. I donít think you realize how much it meant to me and it was honestly one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me!

That week was very difficult for me and I was trying so hard to not fall apart. Having to wear an embarrassing outfit for a week is part of BB tradition and Iím actually happy that I got to experience it.

However, eating on the floor around people who donít like you is extremely degrading and a feeling I have never experienced. Needless to say, I am very happy that that week is over and I have my partner-in-crime back!

Cody and I are now very grateful for that awful week because it really woke us up to how we should be playing this game. It also showed us how strong we can be as a team, because when we first started falling for each other we decided to keep our games separate from our emotions. That is not the case anymore.

We became one team and weíre a lot stronger because of it. Receiving that final temptation gave us the safety we needed for Cody to come back into the game. The week he was gone I spent doing damage control with everyone in the house.

And, that damage control was vital to our future success in this game. We know if we want to survive to the end we need numbers behind us. Things are not perfect yet, but I think we have gained more trust this week now that we are in power and we stood by the promises we made to people.

Codyís Battle Back was epic! I prayed every minute of every day that the Battle Back competition would be something BB would bring back for this season. When Julie announced it to the house, it took everything out of me to not jump out of my skin! The last thing I wanted was to get my hopes up!

I missed Cody so much and had he not won, it would have broken my heart. I voted for Paul because I know my man. If he was going to fight his way back into this house, he wouldnít want it handed to him! (Part of the reason I love that boy ) A vet vs. a vet is the showdown he would have wanted.

And, winning against Paul, the person who back-doored him out of this game, made victory that much more sweet!

STREAM: Jessica Wins HOH In Episode 13 Of Big Brother Season 19

Cody won THREE comps that day! So it was my pleasure to bring home the win for HOH that same night. NOW, I wonít lie.

The entire time I was up there I was cursing in my head and contemplating telling everyone I had the final temptation and if they wanted to take a shot at Cody and I this week then bring it on! But, I kept pushing through and told myself to hold out just a little bit longer.

4am that morning marked the anniversary of my fatherís passing. Three years to the day. I prayed for his strength throughout the comp. Watching BB with my dad every summer growing up is a big memory for me.

So, thank you everyone at CBS who helped me get here. I would love to say that it is a dream come true, but honestly, I never dreamed Iíd be here because it was something that seemed so unobtainable. So thank you!! Itís very cool to be able to talk about my dad and have his photos on the show. I know that wherever he is, heís smiling!

The sun coming up at the end of that competition was also very symbolic for me. Cody and I had been in a dark place in this house the past few weeks and it just felt like the dawn of a new era. Not to mention the look of pride on Codyís face when I won is something Iíll never forget.

Itís important to me that people see him and I as equals and teammates. Iím not in this house to live in anyoneís shadow or ride anyoneís coattails. I hope we can continue to be a power couple in this game and I especially hope that itís fun for you guys to watch and we can continue to surprise you!

Also, I want to give huge props to Christmas in that comp! The girl has 10 broken bones in her foot and she gave me a serious run for my money!

Weíve had a lot of differences in this game but remember, her and I WERE friends when this game started. Itís nice that weíve gotten past mistakes we have both made and that we are able to enjoy each otherís company again.

With that being said, I do want to touch on the verbal argument her and I got into immediately after Jillianís eviction. Her speech honestly caught me by surprise. I had tried to have a few conversations with her the days leading up to live eviction but was met only with passive aggressive hostility, so I dropped it.

If she had such an issue with me, I feel it should have been discussed prior.

I thought it was cowardly that she waited until a live show, when I canít speak, to drag my name through the mud. That was why I got so defensive.

Iím a strong believer in standing up for yourself and what you believe in and I donít agree with how she handled that. But again, her and I have come a long way and Iím curious to see where this game takes our friendship.

WATCH: Jess Gets Choked Up Talking About The Impact Of Her Father

Next up, since weíre talking about cowardly things, Josh. (Can I once again say how cool it is that I get to tell you guys all of my thoughts! Lol, ok back to it.) I have never met someone who apologizes and then immediately contradicts said apology so much!

I really thought that once Cody left the house that the kid would calm down and stop attacking me. I was wrong.

I donít know how much you guys have seen, but Paul is literally giving Josh lessons on "How to be a MAN." Thatís not a joke. That is a real thing that goes on every day.

On Day 2 he attacked Megan, which was unwarranted, and then since her departure [he] has attacked me. Over it. I hope he goes home and does some serious growing up.

When I get out of this glorious place, I do plan on watching each and every episode of the season and blogging to what was going on in my head when situations went down, and also what I think about things I didnít know was happening. Should be interesting!

One last shoutout to my momma! Mom, I hope youíre not too worried! Iím doing my best and I hope youíre proud! Iíll see you when all this is said and done, and weíll have a nice laugh over some very strong drinks xoxo

Finally, if there are any more things to vote on this season, PLEASE KEEP VOTING! You guys have the power to change the outcome of this game and trust me, all of us in here appreciate your votes! Hope Iím making all of you proud!

Ciao Bella,
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