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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19

Tom to Kato: what i was thinking that was fortunate.. even though you won the veto. we knew that if you won you were going to pull me off. when we did the news contest.. we could have done simultaneously look and it. like I got 7 what did you get.. are you allowed to say that? if you are in an alliance with someone?

Kato; i don't know..

tom; you'd do it if you wanted someone else to win.

Kato: you wouldn't do that cuz you would want to be sure

Tom I counted it out

Kato: in hindsight it would have been best if you won.

Tom; yeah i know. i tried.. Im going to ask in the Dr that if in the future if we can help each other out

Kato: we are going to have to decider our move if we win next HOH

Tom: im going to stay up till i feel it's safe for me to go to bed but i dont want to over stay my welcome. I feel that we are pretty set up

Kato: is ricky in bed already?

Tom: yeah.. i might want to go to bed before i do something stupid
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