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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19

Ricky : I think that you are intelligent and that you tried to tell her and she didn't understand and you gave her a compliment but you have to understand that she might not have understood

Tamar: she acting ever since the camera's went on.. dont act like i dont get along with people and make it like i think that people are less than. im a mother and i got 4 sisters and i know when a woman is trying to be catty .

ricky the end result

tamar: she sat her and said monica and tiny and toya..

tamar: Im like what are you talking about. that's not what im saying.. im talking bout relevant..

Ricky it's going to look petty

tamar: im like why you here.. you dont want BB why you here

ricky you voting for her aint going to make her go

tamar; that's fine. it';s my game. and i dont want her here.. like she wants to bring up her friends.. like whats the point of that. she was being slick and that was unnecessary.. like take the compliment. people wanted you to come on kandi cuz you are relevant..

tamar: I walk off this whole set before I let kandi burruss ,make me look like a tyrant. AGAIN! Like i cant take the negativeness
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