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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19

Tamar trying to explain 'relevant" Im talking about relevancy not success but let me stop cuz it's going to be a thing

Kandi: how? it don't matter to me.

tamar you trying to make me be shady

kandi: i was not trying to make you shady

Tamar: you can buy insights.. that doesnt make you relevant

knadi: you can? Well that doesnt matter

tamar: yeah if you have a lot of followers .. like you atlanta housewives are relevant.. you guys have a lot going on

Rickly well if you guys need an astrologer on the show

kandi: you can read me if you want

Ricky is going to sleep

kandi Alright im going to leave you be. good night

ricky goodnight

tamar: I cant and i wont be part of any negativity in my live and if it's there it needs to leave she just sat up here trying to make me seem shady.. that's the bullshit that she does and brings.. and she's not doing that to me..

Ricky maybe it's a misunderstanding

tamar not it's not a misunderstanding. she's shady as hell. i dont do that with women.. she be doing that shit.. she's been doing that since she's walked in the door and if you don't watch the show why the fuck are you here! Im not doing it! NAH!!

You know what im not going to be her and have that. one of us gotta go and one of us are on the block and one isnt..

tamar: now im playing a personal game.. I know we have an alliance.. im going to vote for kandi

tamara: she talking now about tiny and tanya and she trying to make like im shady boots..

natalie: what happened

tasmar: ask Ricky

Ricky kandi came in sat on the bed and they started talking and they got louder and louder. i dont think they get along

tamar: no she fake.. what happened she came in talking about the work load.. and I said that isnt she use to it cuz of housewives of atlanta..

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