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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/20/18

Johnny im going to pack my shit up on thursday

paras me too. you never know

Ali in 20 mins for the pizza

feeds 3/4 derek and akela.. we have to make sure tht ali/liv dont go up

akela he wont put maddy/will up

Derek if they say johnny they are voting with them and they vote with us and we stay..

kaela anad he cant play..

derek the only way one of us dont go.. is we dont win veto and/or we win and ali/liv goes up

kaela he would put up ali.

derek he'd be stupid not to and he would be making enemies all around.. and i dont know how we would campaign.. im not going to go against you.. and you ahve ali/liv

kaela yo never know.. if it's not me i would want it to be you

derek exactly.. it would be of epic proportions if we both stay
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