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Default Re: Aired Shows Sunday 8/27/17 - Thursday Eviction Day 8/31/17

Matt he's going to do what he;'s going to do..

raven if he doesnt pull one of us off im going to go off.. he said he would when we did nominations

matt i was a pawn for alex and for paul

matt DR jason might feel the wrath of raven..

Alex to xmas.. our plan was to put up kevin to scare him..

Alex DR the fact that kevin convinced jaosn not to put him up is irritating me.. he needs to go

Xmas what does he gain by keeping him

alex he's a jerk

jason in apple room

xmas if you dont follow thru with this .. you lose 2 votes matt/raven..

xmas kevin is stirring up shit between you 2 guys and you dont even see it and you ahve been together since day 1
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