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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday FINALE DAY 9/26/18

kaycee: thank you live feeders for watching and supporting but we are ready to get the heck out of here

JC; it was my pleasure to be here.. we did the best we could and i hope you are happy with the finale 3

tyler: Live feeders, we know that you guys are the real MVPS you guys are part of our lives. we appreciate you guys watching us and makes us feel loved even though you are hating on us hard core. if one of your favore 3 is right here then we got you..

kaycee make sure that you say hi to us

JC; thank you for supporting my relationship with tyler

kaycee: keep watching BB i love this show

JC; we are going to be live feeders next year watching with you

kaycee love you guys!! (blows kisses)

Tyler: hamsterwatch DEUCES!

Zero Zilch Nada Nothing Click HERE To sign up for the LIVE FEEDS

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