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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/27/18

kela i had no idea what wasa going ion.. i didnt say anythig to paras.. paras said that you told her

maddy yeah im so scared to say anything.. i know i ahve broken someone's heart..

kaela i didnt knwo what i walked into..

maddy i knwo you didnt.. maddy is crying

maddy whatever you do i respect.. it was about tehveto

kaela yeah.. that derek could be the back door

kaela yeah..

maddy i did mention it to you in the hoh..

kaela you didnt say that it was derek being backdoored

maddy no it wasnt so much as derek being backdoored as us 3 staying here

kaela it came off that y8ou were willing to cut them

maddy yeah i thought that.. when i talked to you and i was hurt that i wasnt being a thought or choice.. it wasnt malicious.. it was guys this is how we get thru the week

akela it was surprising after you saying taht you were alone.. and then to hear that. it was more apetizing to bring you further.. and nbow it doesnt seem like you are willing to go agsitn them

maddy no i get it.. i thought i was the back pocket option.. i se wher i am at.. and i am exhausted to keep proving where i am

akela it sucks for me.. i wwas really willing

maddy i wasnt playing yu. it was 2 seperate things.. and i think i ruined something that would be in real liife.. im jus so dead...

kaela if that is about paras.. she really cares aobut you

maddy if she is not playing me and her reaction was such a suruprise. i dont knowwhat to beleive and who to beleive.. but when i talked to you in the room i was genuiine aobut it

kaela i felt so good after talking to you adn when i left this room i was like fuck me.. and i cant make yuou chose cuz im never chosen

maddy it's the same conversation. i dont know if im being played.. and i belevie what youa re telling me awhat paras said but i dont know who to belevie.. why would you tell me that

kaela i would take derek as far aas i can.. and i knw you now wouldnt chose me yuou would chose them

maddy no you do what yoou have to do.. and i hope this doesnt impact me.

kaela there is veto and a whole week of conversations.. and im still a tie breaker vote.. and i had a good conversation with derek after i talked to you and i felt so good about it.. and then i heard that

maddy i felt aht i was really getting played.. if it wasnt that way it is now.. based on me not clarifying it.. and i feel there was some truth to that.. and i will try to win the veto

kaela to give you peace of mind.. paras said it was said to deflect the fact that you were close.. so do you beleive it was a deflection or a tactic and you will see when you watch it back

maddy at this point im not going to watch it

kaela oh maddy no..

maddy crying I thought i was getting played.. this is me.. thinking for one of the first times i was playing BB and the game played me.. and i get to walk out to a crowd that im not willing to stand in front of right now

akela you should hold your head up high and you can still amke it to f4

maddy i dont know who i trust or believe right now

kaela how many times did i say i was going home

maddy and how many times did i say you were going to stay

kaela every single time

akela i wanted someone to pick me.. and ow i know that you wouldnt pick me

maddy i already sold my soul kaela what do i do.. im not going to talk my way out of this i dont want to make promises

akela i dont want promises . cuz it could be broken..
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