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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/31/17

paul did you shit? it was dropping dropping dropping

paul he said he wasa about to not drop it.. he said he couldnt t lose to a girl.. i said listen mothret fucker if uyou dont drop i will win and send you home..

paul he said he coudlnt lose to a girl he will be embarrassed.. ..

paula bout kevin you piece of shit

xmas wait till i beat him on mental.

xmas i want to be straight forward to what is going on

paul i know alex has to win pov. y8ou need to tell her that

paul the way this is going to work.. is that you have to say jason you're not my target.. and alex you are not my target.. that jason has won a lot of comps.. and then i will say that i feel that you are going to BD me.. and that will alleviate anything with them both being nervous.... and this way i get the veto..

paul one of them has to go and you decided you wanted jason.. and i will do damage control
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