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Default Re: Aired Shows Sunday 9/3/17- Thursday Double Eviction Day 9/7/17

Xmas i nominated jason.alex cuz it's time to take care of the super dou.. jason is my target.. and it's time i send him to teh jury house

alex JASON?? ok i know we ahve a plan. we just need to win the veto so that the old man can be sent up the old man river

jason i thought kevin was the target.. i dont know what is going on

paul DR news flash i know about it i orchestrated to get you out

jaosn i feel that im being duped by paul. there isnt anything that happens in the house that paul doesn't know about .someone air lift me out of here

Kevin you ok?

jason i dont know

kevin how they will go for either you and her.. that's how it is..

jaosn DR how do you know what is going on
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