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Default Re: Aired Shows Sunday 8/6/17 - Thursday Eviction Day 8/10/17

Julie Day 51 in the house.. Josh traded his pots and pans for power.. while he has set elena for his target.. but paul has plans on getting jess out.. so who is really in power?

jess everyone is feeling accomplished.. it's pathetic that it's taken the house to send 2 people home

raven im happy to be ion the block i even started a conga line

kevin DR I came in with a plan and now i have to start making plans and moves

keivn if jess leaves cody will be a target but he will be out for the showmances.. they turned on him plus i dont ant him to come after me..

kevin to jess if he can keep us safe.. me jason paul alex.. he can be safe for like 4 weeks> I keep my word.. i promise you..
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