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Default Live Feed Updates Monday 11/14/16

Alex evicted 3-0

Danielle won HOH- BBSN Big Brother Shopping Network on a tie breaker question

Morgan received America's Care package -Veto

Danielle nominated Whitney and Justin to be on the block

Morgan did not use her POV

Whitney and Justin remained on the block and were up for eviction

Whitney evicted 2-2 tie breaker by Danielle

TBD won HOH - Time to Reflect **

*Due to technical difficulties during Shelby's HOH competition turn Jason and Shelby will compete tonight to see who is HOH

Detailed explanation Here

Jason vs Shelby Head to Head HOH- Time to Reflect

Shelby won HOH - Time to Reflect

**Jason had technical difficulties but they were after the time that Shelby had.It did not affect the outcome of the game **

Read more HERE

Shelby saved Justin and Kryssie Safety Ceremony Round 1

Shelby saved Morgan Safety Ceremony Round 2

Shelby nominated Jason and Danielle to be on the block and up for eviction

America Nominated Morgan

Danielle Jason and Morgan are on the block and up for Eviction

Everyone plays in the POV

Shelby won POV- Dominos
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