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Default Re: Aired Show Thursday Eviction Day 5/3/18

kaela will and derek are votiing if it's a tie i'll be the tie breaker. maddy's ben too close in mental comps for me to keep her around


paras im not ready to step out of the house. i keep envisioning Airsa saying you are the winner.. i dont see that happening now. i cant get over how much i suck at comps. like wow

maddy my window for suceess keeps ghetting smaller and smaller and this doesnt mean that im giving up.

kaela it's ahrd cuz this is f5

mady DR i've been clawing out of a pit and my fingernails are down.. and i keep trying and trying

maddy i ahvnet giving up for 9 week and im not giving up now

kaela ll 4 of you are a threat for me

maddy you dont make anymore calls. you ahve influence

kaela or im a tie breaker

maddy if you feel that i can be influence on your game that would be ok.. but even 5th place is something to be proud of

paras moans

paras i know what maddy is capable but im scared

Will you ahve my vote 100%
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