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Default Re: Aired Show Wednesday 5/2/18

Paras DR madddy and i have to convince kaela thsat using the veto is best for her game. and we have to be careful doing it

pars i think im going home next week. derek will pick will.. unless he sends you home

parss if iwas derek. will and i haven't been able to pull anything out why wouldn't he make it easier on you. do you think he will take you to F3

kaela i dont know he would cut me in f3.. and i would too.. whoever else is in the f3 is guaranteed f2

paras im taking the shot at them before they take one at me

kaela it's down to the veto next week

paras this is a tag team effort..

maddy me going is better for derek.. you are giving him the option next week. y8oua vhe the chance right now to get it done. you'd be such a legend in the show right now. the female partner has never cut the guy 1st..

akela i think it's more gutsy if i can get him out in f3

maddy it's more gutsy if yu cut him now
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