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Default Re: Aired Show Thursday Triple Eviction Day 4/26/18

johnny i expect daela to whisper shady things.. not on my HOH even though i dont ahve a vote i still ahve power

paras i fully need you to ahve my back

johnny youa re trying to campaign to paria?/ i cant beleive you are trying to appeal to them

derek y8oua re trying to throw me under the bus

johny it's like you are saying you never watched it

derek i have never watched but a few episodes.. now can you please leave

johnny no..

derek im trying to repair relations..

johnny leaves..

johnny leaves.. im going to do what i can do to blow up kaela's game

johnny in

kaela do you mind us having a conversations

Johnny just lies.. it's exhausting.. do you want to ahve a group convo

** (all this was typed out in the live feeds thread) ***

Johnny i thik it would be good for y8ou to say it in front of these girls

kaela im going to put you and liv on the bloick,..

ali dont garuntee that you know what we are doing

johnny you called them sheep

kaela i didnt

johnny derek did

dderek wow how long did it take for you to come up with that

johnny you 2 are hell of a lot stronger than those 2

Ali you are full of shit all i hear is constant shit..

kaela you are friging annoying

ali im going to get dirty

akela go ahead get dirty..

johnny i wanted you both out forever

kaela if im here i want you 2 gone

liv if you can pull it off

ali its up to you guys..
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