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Default Re: Aired Show Wednesday 4/18/18

Ryan it's not bad taht im sitting on the block next to johnny.. will you vote to keep me

kaela things change in a minute in here

johnny up to HOH to ask for derek to use the veto

johnny keeping me could be good

Derek you played a good game and youa re an emotional guy and and emotional player.. do you think that you can not play that way

johnny i hav eto recognize i do want to play smart and that is what i will do.

kaela there is always an option

Johnny with out erica in this game it's a different story.. and if there is a way to keep me in the game

derek if there is a time where we need an even playing field.. where we will go after each other

johnny that is music to my ears..

Johnny Dr i may convince derek to use the veto on me and not using ali's risky way

Johnny leaves
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