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Default Re: Aired Show Wednesday 4/18/18

Johnny i need to get ali/liv to turn agsint dalea and keep me in the house

Liv is sick from the slop

Johnny im curious if i ahve a chance.. with erica gone that it should be me next but if you are a point =what's next let me fit into that picture.. and you saw that i was loyal..

ali it was a lot and it was scary

jjohnny that's no longer the situation and im alone and there's 2 of you

Johnny i know they are working with the other side

ali i know.. and it sucks. to thin of you leaving.. it sucks.. let me have the evening to talk to liv..

Johnny i hope they trust and see the light or they can blow up my game

Ali that felt good and genuine. or are we being stupid

liv no genuine

ali how do we turn this aroun
liv we can do it

liv i dont think we ahve ryan i think he is jsut trying to be good with everyone. i thin we ahve t throw dealk so hard under the bus to pull this off
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