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Default Re: Aired Show Monday 3/27/18

Veroncia what would be the benifits of me saying i was voting jesse out and then not. i think that it would benifit you to keep me in the house and that i know that im stronger and faster

ercia im convinced that the rogue vote is veronica

Erica seeing how far veronica will go with the lie its important to me

Erica DR it's clear for me to get out veronica but i dont know if i should be the one taking that shot

ali it will be sick if you were to take her out

Maddy i know i dont ahve strong game connection to erica and it's important that i get in her room and ear

Erica i feel im going to put you up .. and it's going to suck thee is nothing wrong with what we ahve it' just not as strong as what i ahve with others.

maddy im disappointed.. and you dont ahve to put us again each other.. i was scared that strong women will be again strong women. and us being on the same team would be a shock to everyone.. and i feel that its not ideal for either of us.. I truely dont want to see my face on that screen it will be a line..

maddy DR if erica puts me on the block she truly has no idea how vengeful i can be.
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