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Default Re: Aired Shows Sunday 9/4/16 - Thursday Eviction Day 9/8/14

natlie paul and victor trusted us..

james natalie keeps bringing it up that i should ahve voted out corey. ti made one little mistake and she wont let it go

natlie up to talk to vic and paul.. if this is my last week i want to apologize that i back stabbed you guys. i put my trust into james and

paul and victor both nod along

paul DR natalie keeps telling us that she doesnt know how to play the game.. and then she throws her ride or die under the bus.. hmnm.. natalie you know how to play the game..

ncilel what did she want orange juice? there is some downstairs

natalie leaves

paul did you hear what she said.. she jumps ship.. she said james.. .. like i thought it woupd be after veto..
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