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Default Re: Aired Shows Sunday 8/14/16/ - Thursday Eviction Day 8/18/16

Talk to the HG's

Julie i love the fashions tonight HG's what a motley crew you are

last time tickets will be valid.. they will expire after tonight

Final sway statement

paulie HG and everyoe in the audience sitting on cusion.. i love my family and cody you're a stud... D rock hitting the nation.. we have a special bond.. and i will ahg out with each of you after this.. i'll go down the line

paul you're the man we'll rock.. natalie i love you.. you got a heart of gold.. to my boy sitting next to me.. you';re the man. and Big Meech.. you missed the showmance so let me do the honors

corey.. you guys vote how you want to vote.. and nicole youa re the sweetest and most cuddliest snake i ever met God Bless America
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