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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17

Alex if its reversed i would have saved you..

paul i woudnt ahve let you not use the veto.. i woudlnt ahve trusted their decision like i ahve them to do that..

alex i almost did that for jillian and jason..

paul i didn't want to wait to the last day.. i like you. you are my friend and i ahve to talk to you and im not going to screw you over like that and take the cowards way out.. it's not my character.. if i do that i lose 3 votes.. and i know you ahve 4 secured.. i'd like to see me win i didnt float or skate by.. i buested my aass off. but if i do this you win and i throw my game away.. if i dont i ahve a chance to win

Alex i dont think that xmas would vote for me and i wouldn't vote her out

paul it doesnt matter why wanted me out

alex yo do what is best for your game,., one of them is going to get 2nd place for sure..

paul it fudcks me up i know how much harder you worked than all of them,.
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