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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17

Alex he's not very happy with out his partner around

paul nope

paul come in the apple room i have to talk to you


paul im iun a little of a pickle.. so i think that if i use the veto on you im throwing my game in the trash.. i trust you. im not going to beat around the bush.. josh nominated to get one of us out . i talked to both of them. i told him i nwould take him to F2. i said that to him every sicne i need him for when jaosn ent.. so if i use it xmas goes up and it's me and you and we sweep and go to the end.. i lose jury votes. if i do this.. im not saying that we are all exhausted all options.. if we can convince them to keep you.. and if you won the veto and pulled yourself off i would go up anad go home

paul im in a tough spot.. im torn and dont know what to do youa re the homie and we worked and did a ton of shit together.. but if i do this i lose..

paul i never thought id come this far.. i know you and I can sweep to the end.. and i know i would lose and you would win and im not going to take that away from you.. but i ahve family and friends and they would be saying i made the same mistake i did last year.. and i lost the same way i did last year.

paul and when i shook yoru hand i said you reminded me of myself last year.. i am the reason why they would get swept.. i have a genuine chance to win. i dopnt want to sound like a selfish prick
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