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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 4/22/18

Liv i wanted to play a unique game and not fall into a category

Johnny she's her own category.. heeeyyy!!! ahh so annoying how to deal with this stuff..

johnny kaela wnats to chat to me what is she going to say

liv i dont knwo

Liv ok.. she is going to try and pull the wool over your eyes.. and i dont give a fuck about derek.. but i like kaela

johnny she's going home so yeah gain some trust with me. good call liv

liv laughs

liv if y8ou make it to the triple you ahve to go like balls to the wall.. im going to be like a mass murderer if i make it thru it

Johnny just light people up

Johnny im going to find more people

liv how was your chat with paras

johnny she committed to being in love with me. the whole game

liv what? to deflect questions?

johnny im just trying to make like i wont put them up so they wont put me up in the triple.. and they are going after me in the triple anyway.. and unfortunately i want kaela gone and ali has to go up to make that happen but she isnt going home

liv you tell her before she tells me

Johnny ok..
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