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Default Re: Live Finale Show Wednesday 2/13/19

Final HOH- Celebrity Look alike Junior

7 videos' featuring celebrity the jhunior one will make 3 statements you will answer A B or C. that is false most points wins

1. Answer A all correct

2.Answer A ricky and tamar correct

3. Answer B Lolo Ricky tamar correct

4. Answer C Lolo ricky tamar correct

5. Answer B Lolo Ricky tamar correct

4-5-5 1 points

6. Answer B Ricky correct ricky leads with 6

7. Answer A Tamar lolo correct

tie breaker tamar vs ricky

In hours how long was it from when kevin frazier announced the celebrity news alerts. to the final announced celebrity news alert

Answer 436 hrs

Ricky guesses 185 Tamar 15 hrs (she threw that tie breaker question)

Ricky wins HOH!

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