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Default Re: Live Finale Show Wednesday 2/13/19

Live Eviction

kandi it's been a pleasure to the in the top 5. lolo i love yoru honesty and no holds back. and i hope you appreciate mine. and tamar i hope that you appreciate our time. and ricky you put me in this game. Dina i love you.. Guys i cant tell you how to vote. i want to stay in the game and i want to be the person who makes history for surviving the block and when you say my name it will be forever

Dina lolo this past week ive gotten to know these 4 amazing people. and lo;lo we have had great conversations. and your spirituality and you are a good girl and im going to find you a husband. and this one (tamar) you make me laugh all the time. and tricky you taught me to be more verbal.. and kandi i cant tell you enough we had each other's back. we were kinda floater.s we had a lot of fun

Julie if we had music we'd cue it

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