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Default Re: Live Finale Show Wednesday 2/13/19

Nomination ceremony
Ricky nominates Dina and Kandi

kandi im going for the world record

ricky everyone knew the deal

Dina I guess that we are good players. isnt that the deal?

Ricky this nomination if over.

Ricky DR I nominated them cuz they dont sleep with me

Dina we are a threat

Ricky you are not a threat Dina!

kandi DR I need to win this veto

Ricky to tamar. if you win im picking you and if you win you take me.
tamar yeah im good with that

Ricky how important do you think the veto comp is..

tamar very important

ricky if dina/kandi win im putting up lolo

tamar: if that happens then BYE LOLO!!

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