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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 5/13/17

kevin dillon did become a flip flopper

karen it would hurt him to hear me say it. but yes.. he was.. and when you do that it blows up all your game

kevin you liked gary

karen yeah but he was trying to ahve something with each person.. and it worked before.. .. and once the vets made themselves a target.. it went from dallas cass to gary..

keivn and dre survived

karen i pushed for dre

kevin i like will's game

karen i liked his game but they didnt.. he had so many doubles that he tried working.. he didnt know i knew but i kew them all .. and he trusted the wrong people.. dre.. woulda sold him down the river

kevin she woulda put him up

karen she was saying you and him..

kevin she was saying you

karen yeah she said that when she got caught.. she was slitting my throat on a daily basis

karen and all that stuff that starting unwinding,.. and then she went off on dillon? she was the one that ws trying to play him with all the kisses and stuff..

karen i would trust Kevin martin more than Red whatever her name is

Karen she lost her mind at the end.. and when you told me she slipped and fell

kevin yeah she twerked and she slipped and fell
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