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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 5-7-16

cass you brought them in here when i was trying to ahve a conversation with just you.

tim i want them to hear what i ahve to say too,.

cass but i just wnated to talk to yo

tim it's ahrd for them too we jsut wnated to ahve fun this week

tim to clarify i didnt make the trreaty deal for myself. i amde it so you can be here this week and the same for kelsey phil and nick..

cass this was jsut a conversation i wanted to ahve with yo

tim well you were wuestioning me.. i worked hard for that comp.. i didnt throw that. im putting my full trust in the traty

cass you know she will

tim i know she will but i know how strong you are where can persuade someone

cass is this another joel thing.. where you are trying to make me have some hopoe...

tim i was talking to them as friends.. as kelsey was on the block with friends..

cass you were never going to leave this game for me

tim cuz cass the game player would never do that for me

kelsey dn raul would and did for me

cass yo said that you're not here for the money and you came here to play

tim i wanted to be at finale..

cass you made me think that if we got to this point

tim i always knew tht i was playing this game for me..

cass how many times did you say dynnamic dou

tim yeah this is where that journey ends..

tim as a friend cass crying at me and whimpering at me. it affects me.. it makes me go who this girl is really hard

cass cries.. i cant do this anymore.. you're lying..

tim what lie

cass saying that you were going to bow out like joel said..

tim you asked me and i said we can talk about it. i never said i would do it

casss you said that you aren't going to but that you'd think about it..

tim you know this whole game i consider all options leaves

cass still going on , she doesnt know tim left she was under the blanket crying: you know im already upset dont give me hope.. dont pretend to be my friend and tell me shit that you're not even going to do

BB tim to the DR
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