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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/27/18

maddy im soprry.. when im in jury i'll explain more

paras it's mny fauilt too for not making you feel better..

maddy i thought iw as getting palyed.. and i really wanted the money.. and not even for me.. i cant be,leive im done today.. im standing in this back yard able to screw you over cuz of you

apras i get it it';s an individual game..
maddy i know it seems like ive been doing this the whole game and i ahvent. it's jsut today

pars there are times where i could ahve been scrwed over and you didnt.

Mdaddy im lost myself and who i am as a person

paras yeah i am not proud of the things i ahd to do either.. and i get it

Mdaddy im going to try and take that away from yo.. and i cant not do it

maddy sobbing away

paras it's ok..

maddy it's my life outside here too.. when i gave you my shirt and i would never care so much for you and this is how i treat you

maddy i am here cuz of you guys.. i want to tell y8ou so much more but i cant
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