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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/27/18

maddy if it's me and her on the block i would ahve a hard time taking away the veto from her

kaela you ahve to earn it..

maddy i wanted you to stay so bad anad now youa re geting played..

akela i dont want you to be down and derek adn I are still going for that veto.. and things can change

maddy when would you and derek chose me.. i dont see that changing

kaela it hurts me that you were ready to get rid of derek

maddy yeah that was yesterday.. but after our convo today i felt bad.. i was pointing out there was another option..

akela i know i cant pick derek i wouldnt win again him.. i can make an argument with others

maddy i thought i was a back pocket 5th option.. and now it's true and my own nail in my coffin.. and i would lie to take a break..

kaela this is still not the end..

maddy go easy on me in your speech

akela i would never do what i did to ryan to anyone

maddy im here cuz of someone i played today.. immout of my legue here

kaela im here mainly beucase of you.. that si why today hurt more than i thought it would.

maddy it was just math.. i just pointed it out. im not on a hate streak

kaela if you weren't on the block and won veto would you use it

maddy stutters

kaela the indecisiveness is what scares me

maddy im scared to say.. i know what is best for my game.. but i did so much damage.. i would like to swear to something .. i know where i stand with everyone.. to swear i would take them out and swear i would take you guys

kaela you couldnt

and feeds cut!!!!!

Feed cuts for Nominations 9:17 pm
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