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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/20/18

Kaela i felt good with maddy on my own.

paras you knw that's now how it went

kaela it's jsut the 2 of us why are you even lying.. why wouold you briong the 4 of us together

pars you are turning this around

kaela no im just confronting you on it.. you might ahve came and took it differently i said that i feel good with maddy and you said that good and then you brought in will

paras i dont know how these are being pinned on me

kaela maddy named the 86 but you brought maddy and will in

paras both things are being pinned on me.. which was not the case they were other people's ideas

kaela i dont know how the will thing formed but you came to me and said you can trust him and then yo said you didnt like him /trust him cuz he lies

paras well it is what it is and regardless i dont think it's good for us to go at each others throats right now while 4 people are jsut staring.

kaela we are not at each others throats im just talking.. and im not going ham on you im just talking i know that we are just talking.

paras i get that im an easy scapegoat

kaela no im not saying that you are .. im just telling you my thoughts and feelings

paras you will see when you go home i haven't won anything to prove to you

kaela yeah i know and that is why it's hard to take your word when things were said to me differently
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