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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/20/18

maddy johnny doesnt buy any of what they are saying but they are telling johnny that they should stick together with them daela and ali/liv.. but it';s ok johnny doesnt get a vote

maddy and even if he is lying he is saying taht he wants to stick with us.. and he said he finds it strange that everyone is throwing you under.. but i said that you wee loyal to the point of putting your game in danger.. and they are upset that you didnt. and ther were multiple times that you could of ran off with derek and akaela and ali and liv and you haven't so anyone who is trying to question your integrity can fuck off. im pissed off now..

Maddy they are upset that you haven't gone with them and went off with us and that is why youa re being picked on and im fine with defending you cuz that is what you deserve and im happy to o to the end with you .. and if you think that you made a mistake you haven't.. and people do bitchy things when theya re upset

maddy you want to go to wendy's? I can retract my name..

paras no it wont be fun
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