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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16

backpost cont: 12:58

Shelby and yo didnt tell us about justin farting on our food

alex he was whispering.. it was awkward.. i thought it was funny

morgan i will sleep up there if he doesnt want to.,.

Shelby i want this veto so bad.. i wanted HOH bad but now i want veto more

alex let it motivate you

shelby i called kryssie the cryer and now im giving her a run for her money

morgan well see who the ahve nots are.. and then we can see whats going on.. .. we need to stick together.. $250K

shelby it's the hardest 250k ever earned.

Shelby i feel bad i cried on whitney's shirt.. but she gave my wine to justin..

Morgan leaves.. shelby regroups herself in the bathroom

end back post
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