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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 9/16/17

xmas i think there was alot of game play

paul ther was a lot of tip toeing around shit.. sometimes for no reason

josh i was like what is the worse that can happen.. i think mark/elena felt very protected.. and then..

paul they thought they were better players than us

josh raven went on a full on tilt that last week and then you flipped on her.. that last day she applied her lipstick over 20 times

paul she would follow me from room to room. i just would stare at her

josh sometimes i would lay in bed and i just needed a minute.. like with alex and jaosn thier arrogance .. they were cocky as shit

xmas raven was like attached to my hip when i was cooking

josh i would be laying on the bed.. and she would jump on the bed

paul so she did what you did xmas

xmas we had to kick her out of the room
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