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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 8/28/17

3:26pm feeds finally back

jason josh and alex on feeds 1/2

Josh he voted for xmas.. i think that he did that he played the shit out of ramses

jason he said he never changed his vote

josh he lied..

alex he musta jump shit week 1

josh i knew this was going to happen.

xmas on feeds 3/4

Xmas you know how this works.. right before that raven and matt were going after jason.. you know that it tumbles fast

xmas dont retreat.. tell yoru stories.. keep being you..

kevin yeah i dont eat that food im on slop.. and yeah i got talked to about taht.. and josh make fun of me and i cant say nothing?

xmas youa re breaking records.. im glad taht youa re on my side..

kevin im going to relax and maybe go swimming

xmas hits him

kevin you know wht they say social game is 70% and no one got a better social game than me.. im nt going to be in there or anything jason is my palk i dont want to hear him being picked on.. but he's been my pal sinbce day 1.. he's going to put me up instead of them? how can they not see that

xmas im glad we talked.. its the pressure of things.. and all this stuff and i was like swimming.. SWIMMING!!

kevin can you talk to him.. it had nothing to do with him and then he jumped in and then he brought in my family..

xmas i was trying to tell him to stop but he brought ti to that place and then

kevin he shouldn't been involved..

xmas i know i said it..

xmas you can yell at me and then we can get over it..
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