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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 8/27/17

Josh he asks me every hour are we good

jason i dont think it has to do with it age

josh i think it has to do with his character.. she's been doing shady shit and it caught up to him.. if you show me one time that youa re not in my corner.. im not with you.. has he done little things.. yeah.. but not game.. like he touches my laundry and i tell him not to touch it.. and then he gives me grief saying he had to do my laundry..

Jason i think it's funny that he's in the position he did it to himself.. i said to him.. you win HOH..

Josh we were playing chess and we heard him screaming.. and me and paul heard him say im going to win to get them off my back

jason i told him you needed to win this hoh.. that he coulda put up matt/raven, show he's there for his team and he is 1st out?

josh yeah at least i tried..
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