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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day -Premier Night #2 6/23/16

Comp 1 Ride the Rocket

#TeamUnicorn James Victor Bronte Natalie won Ride the Rocket and go to SafeVille & all have safety for 2 weeks

Team #BigSister Da'Vonne Jozea Paul Zakiyah fell off 1st and will go to NOTBURG making them Have Nots for the week

Team #Category4 Frank Paulie Bridgette Michelle fell off 2nd and will go to Mysteryland and will receive a punishment They have to wear "pixilated costumes" for the week

Team #Freakaziods Nicole Corey Glenn Tiffany fell off 3rd and will go to CashCity to receive $10,000 to be split up among them

Comp 2 Hit the Road

Team #Category4 won part 1 of Comp 2 Hit The Road and are safe from eviction

Team #BigSister won part 2 of Comp 2 Hit the Road and are safe from eviction

Comp 2 part 3
Players Team #Freakaziod Nicole, Tiffany, Glenn, Corey

Nicole safe 1st

Tiffany safe 2nd

Photo Finish between Glenn and Corey

Corey finished 3rd

Glenn was the 1st HG evicted from the BB House

Nicole was chosen as 1st HOH

Have Nots are Da'vonne Jozea Paul Zakiyah

Nicole nominated Jozea and Paulie to be on the block

* Nicole had to nominate a 3rd person for eviction

Jozea Paulie and paul are nominated and up for eviction

Have Nots are over at midnite Fri BBT
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