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Unhappy Re: Live Feed Updates *MUST READ*

Hello readers, fans and visitors of hamsterwatch forum.

I'm so sorry that I have not been up to updating at all these past weeks. I finally got in to see 1 doctor for my knees and now I see the back doctor on Wednesday.

My issue is that I can not just sit in one spot for any length of causes my back to hurt and knees to become numb and stiff. And with updating you know all you do is sit and type.

I know I let all of you down. And I'm not sure if I will be able to finish out the season. It's just 1 year since I've had my back surgery and there is still a lot of healing that I need and movement is part of that. Some days I can't get off the sofa and some days I am outside and I don't want to stop walking because everything goes right back to square 1 when I stop. Then evening comes and all my meds have me in bed early.

Again, I'm sorry i fell short in updating.

As of now please make sure that you stay up to date by going to Hamsterwatch main page CLICK HERE for all updates.
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